Robust and High-Performance Tools for MDO. MICDE Ph.D. in Scientific Computing Student Seminar Series, February 2021.
Anil Yildirim, Justin S. Gray, Charles A. Mader, and Joaquim R. R. A. Martins. Performance analysis of optimized STARC-ABL designs across the entire mission profile AIAA SciTech Forum, 2021. doi:10.2514/6.2021-0891
An aeropropulsive test problem: Coupling CFD simulations with a propulsion model. AIAA AVIATION Forum, Virtual Event, June 2020. (Invited talk)
MPhys: A modular multiphysics simulation package using the OpenMDAO framework. AIAA AVIATION Forum, Virtual Event, June 2020. (Oral presentation only) 
Modeling fluid structure interaction with CFD in OpenMDAO. OpenMDAO Workshop, Cleveland, Ohio, October 2019.